Today’s tip: Make a walking break part of your work day

The long-term benefits of making healthy choices often start with decisions made on a much smaller scale. For example, take one 15-minute period of your work day and think about it differently. Make walking a part of your work day, but start small.  Use that 15-minute break for a short walk — whether outside or through the skyways. 

Your body will thank you because walking will get your blood flowing and give cramped muscles a chance to stretch out the kinks caused by bad posture or tension. Your mind will thank you because walking can clear your head and give you a fresh perspective. A short walk can enable you to return to your task feeling refreshed and more alert.

While you should always carry an ID, leave your cash and credit cards behind so you aren’t tempted to buy a calorie-laden snack or beverage during your walking break. 

If you can’t commit to a daily walk, set a goal for one or two days each week. Or, decide that you’ll deliver messages personally rather than phoning or emailing a coworker. Make a change on a scale that is doable for you. As the days progress into weeks or months, you may find yourself looking forward to a daily walk and making healthy choices more often. 


Published Apr 24, 2013