April 14 – 20 set aside to recognize 911 operators and dispatchers

Each April, Public Safety Telecommunications Week provides an opportunity to reflect on the behind-the-scenes work our 911 operators and public safety dispatchers perform to ensure people who need help get prompt emergency assistance.

This year, Public Safety Telecommunications Week is April 14 – 20, and a proclamation will be read at the April 17 Public Safety, Civil Rights and Health Committee meeting. After the 1:30 p.m. reading, a plaque and certificates of appreciation will be presented to 911 employees.

Immediately following these presentations, the Minneapolis Emergency Communications Center will host an open house from 2 to 4 p.m. in the 911 call center in Room B911 in City Hall. Elected officials and City staff are invited to stop by to the call center to talk with staff and enjoy coffee and cake.

The Minneapolis 911 center handles about 700,000 calls a year — approximately 2,000 calls a day in the summer and about 1,500 calls a day in the winter. On average, a 911 operator answers a call within 7.5 seconds. As calls come in, staff assesses the situation and enters crucial information into computers so that dispatchers can prioritize calls, send help and monitor the progress of emergency response.

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week is sponsored by the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International to honor the thousands of men and women who respond to emergency calls and dispatch emergency professionals and equipment.


Published Apr 11, 2013