Cold weather got you stuck indoors? Spend some time at the computer and earn gift cards

If our unseasonably long winter has you stuck indoors, why not spend some time earning gift cards and qualifying for the lower health insurance premium rate in 2014? Employees who earn 300 points by completing optional wellness program activities will qualify for the lower rate on their 2014 health coverage.

Three options to earn gift cards:

Once you have completed any these activities, you will receive an email directing you to Medica’s gift card redemption center where you can select a gift card from among nearly 300 stores and restaurants.

Additional ways to qualify for the lower 2014 insurance premium

To qualify for the lower 2014 insurance premium, employees must earn 300 points for completing a combination of qualifying health actions listed below by Aug. 31, 2013. Here are two other ways to earn wellness points:

There are additional ways to earn points; however, these are directed to specific conditions or needs. To learn about these options, visit and click on the Health & Wellness tab.



Published Mar 27, 2013