Currie parking lot access to be limited beginning March 30

Beginning Saturday, March 30, access to the Currie Maintenance Facility parking lot will be limited in the evening, on weekends and during times when Downtown special events boost parking demand.

When the parking lot is closed during a weekday due to a special event, employees must use their City photo ID/access key card to enter the parking lot and the building.

Visitors or employees who forget their ID cards must use the intercom system to gain access to the parking lot and building. Another option is to park in the northwest corner of the parking lot across from Lee’s Liquor Lounge on the corner of Glenwood Ave. and 12th St. 

City employees and authorized contractors retain access to the parking lot Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Site-based employees have greater access privileges based on work schedules and job requirements.

If you don’t have a City photo ID/access key card or need help accessing the Currie parking lot or building, talk with your supervisor. (Your supervisor can send a request through your Department Liaison to


Published Mar 27, 2013