311 Call Center is latest facility added to wireless network

Progress on the City’s wireless network marked another milestone when cabling was completed at the 311 Call Center, which is located in the Police Department’s 3rd Precinct, 3000 Minnehaha Avenue South.  

Thanks to the wireless network project, individuals with a laptop, iPad, smartphone or tablet can now connect via the new wireless network whenever they’re at City Hall, the Flour Exchange, Public Service Center, City of Lakes, Crown Roller Mill and 311.

The CoMnet_guest network is also available at Hamilton School, 4119 Dupont Avenue North. (Service at Hamilton was installed in January to accommodate President Barak Obama’s Feb. 4 visit to the Twin Cities.)

Next on the wireless expansion plan is the Hiawatha Maintenance Facility, 1901 East 26th Street.

How to access the wireless network

With a City-issued laptop: When you visit any of the City facilities with wireless access, your City-issued laptop will automatically connect to CoMnet — a secure network — as long as you have enabled the wireless switch.

To avoid computer problems, be sure to disable this wireless switch when you return to your workstation and hard wire your laptop to connect to the City network.

With a smartphone or iPad: When you visit any of the City facilities with wireless access, you can connect to CoMnet_guest, an unsecured internet access wireless network.  For detailed instructions, visit Information Technology’s website.


Published Feb 27, 2013