WageWorks is now the claims administrator for HRA/VEBA accounts

WageWorks is the claims administrator for employees’ HRA/VEBA accounts. HRA/VEBA accounts are not “use it or lose-it” accounts. You have the option of using these funds to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses or you can leave the money in your account and save the funds for future years’ expenses or retirement health care costs.

Money in your HRA/VEBA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement/Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Account) comes from deposits made by the City of Minneapolis.

Activate your WageWorks card and change setting to “Spend It”

If you enrolled in health care coverage during open enrollment, you should have received a WageWorks health care card in the mail at home. If you wish to use your WageWorks card or submit claims for reimbursement of eligible health care expenses, you must activate your card by calling 866-363-4128. You must also change your account setting to “Spend It.” (If you also set up a FSA account, WageWorks will tap those funds first.)

To change your account setting, visit www.wageworks.com and make the change on your online account or call WageWorks at 855-428-0446 and let WageWorks know that your HRA/VEBA account needs to be set to “Spend It.”

Paying for eligible health care expenses

Need details?

Please read the Flexible Spending Account QuickStart Guide or the HRA/VEBA Quick Start Guide detailing how to access, use and manage your account.

Published Jan 30, 2013