OptumHealth statement shows your HRA/VEBA balance

If you have health care coverage through the City of Minneapolis, you have a HRA/VEBA account. OptumHealth recently mailed all HRA/VEBA participants an account statement which listed the total amount in your HRA/VEBA account under the heading “Investment Transfers.” The notice was necessary because OptumHealth is no longer the City’s claims administrator. Your HRA/VEBA account is now administered by WageWorks, the City’s new claims administrator. 

To keep track of your current balance with WageWorks, you can check your account online at www.wageworks.com or call WageWorks at 855-428-0446.

Money in your HRA/VEBA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement/Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Account) comes from deposits made by the City of Minneapolis. HRA/VEBA accounts are not “use it or lose-it” accounts. You have the option of using these funds to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses or you can leave the money in your account and save the funds for future years’ expenses or retirement health care costs.


Published Jan 30, 2013