Employees donate $98,482 to area charities

The City’s most recent Charitable Campaign wrapped up in December with City employees donating $98,482 to organizations that help the homeless, care for the environment, feed the hungry, find treatments for life-threatening illnesses, prevent violence and care for the elderly.

Employees made donations through annual payroll deduction pledges and one-time check or cash donations. Employees could make a donation to one of the federations listed below and have the money shared among the all the charities the federation supports or they could designate that their donation go to a single charity.

Donation tally

$27,593 - Greater Twin Cities United Way

$21,168 - Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless

$15,092 - Community Health Charities Minnesota

$11,229 - Community Shares of Minnesota

$11,004 - Minnesota Environmental Fund

$5,643 United Negro College Fund

$3,993 - United Arts Fund

$1,516 - Hennepin History Museum

$1,244 - Peace Maker Foundation.

Thank you to departmental liaisons

Campaign organizers and the charities would like to extend a special thank you to the department liaisons who helped their coworkers learn about their donation options.

Published Jan 30, 2013