iPads can now be used for Council presentations

Good news for iPad users who make presentations at City Council meetings: The Council Chambers presentation dais now has an iPad connection. That means iPad users can show charts, graphs, video and PowerPoint presentations straight from their iPads instead of using flash drives. Presenters can also use the iPad’s pinch and zoom feature as part of their presentation.

To connect an iPad to the Council presentation dais:

  1. Make sure your iPad is fully charged before your presentation.
  2. Look for the white cable marked “for iPad.”  (It’s located on the presentation dais to the left of the computer monitor.)
  3. Connect the cable to your iPad.

Setting up a test

Before you give a presentation from your iPad for the first time, please set up a test at least 48 hours in advance with John Harrison in the Communications Department. John can be reached at cjohn.harrison@minneapolismn.gov or 612-673-2906.

Don’t forget

City iPad services are available to all employees who use an iPad, regardless of whether the iPad is purchased and owned by the City or whether the iPad is purchased and owned by an individual employee.

iPad users can sign up for either the Basic Service or the Premiere Service access package. To be able to use a PowerPoint via the iPad, the user must have the app (QuickOffice) that is included in the Premiere Plan.

For more information about City iPad services, visit http://citytalk/it/products/mobile/iPads/WCMS1P-083710.

Published Jan 16, 2013