13 recruits graduate from Police Academy

After months of rigorous training, 13 police recruits graduated from the Minneapolis Police Academy Jan. 15. With graduation behind them, the newly sworn-in officers now enter the Field Training Officers program, where they are paired with seasoned officers who mentor and guide them through the early months of their law enforcement careers. 

The 12 men and one woman began their training at the Minneapolis Police Academy Sept. 24. During the 17-week academy, they received instruction in defensive tactics, emergency driving, report writing, firearms training and more. 

All of the new recruits had worked for the City of Minneapolis prior becoming police recruits. Ten were Community Service Officers, one worked in the Minneapolis Emergency Communication Center, one worked with Animal Control and one worked with Traffic Control. 

With the addition of these new officers, the Minneapolis Police Department has 840 sworn police officers.


Published Jan 16, 2013