Ever forget your HRIS or COMPASS password? Now, there’s an easier fix

If you’ve ever forgotten a password, you know it’s a bit of an involved process to get a new password. Beginning Monday, Dec. 24, the process will get easier for folks who forget their HRIS or COMPASS password.

Previously, employees who forgot their HRIS or COMPASS password had to contact the Information Technology Service Desk to set up a new password to get into these systems. (HRIS is our employee system for entering timesheets, viewing paychecks, enrolling in training, etc. COMPASS is the City’s financial management system.)

Under the new, simplified process, folks who forget their password can skip the IT Service Desk phone call and reset their password on their own via an automated process. The key is taking some “just in case” action now.

To prepare for the possibility, you must log into HRIS and/or COMPASS (for those who use both systems, you’ll need to do this set up process for each) and set up your own security question. Then, if you ever forget your password, you will activate the password reset from the system sign-in page and answer your security question. After correctly answering your question, a temporary password will immediately be sent to your City (business) email address. You will use that password to log in. At log-in, you will be prompted to change that temporary password to a password you create.

For detailed instructions on this one-time security question process, select a link below.

HRIS security question set up and password reset:  http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/hr/hris/index.htm

COMPASS security question set up and password reset: http://citytalk/finance/Compass/WCMS1P-101840

If you have any questions or run into problems during this process, contact the IT Service Desk at comtechsupport@unisys.com or 1-800-262-3112.


Published Dec 19, 2012