Today’s tip:  Stay safe while cooking this Thanksgiving

Because there are more* cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year, the folks in the Minneapolis Fire Department urge you to keep fire prevention in mind as you prepare your holiday meal.
Here are some simple rules to follow whenever you’re cooking:
·         Have working smoke alarms – the photoelectric type are better to have near the kitchen.
·         Remain in the kitchen when using the stovetop. If you have to leave, turn the stovetop off until you return.
·         Stay awake, and in the house, while using the oven. If you have to leave the house, turn the oven off until you return.
·         Keep your cooking area clean. Keep towels, hot pads, storage containers and other combustibles away from the hot stove.
·         Keep children and pets away from the oven and stove.
For more information about fire safety, you can:
·         Visit
* In the U.S., 69 percent of home fires on Thanksgiving Day are cooking fires. This compares to an average of 42 percent during the rest of the year. (Source:


Published Nov 21, 2012