Fall sweeping of 1,000 miles of streets has begun

Street sweeping crews have begun their annual autumn task of sweeping more than 1,000 miles of City streets. It’s a concerted effort that involves sweeping approximately 60 miles of roadway per day over the course of four weeks.  Although it’s commonly called street sweeping, Public Works views it as a complete street cleaning.

There are a lot of steps involved before that sweeper can begin moving down the street.

Street sweeping does more than keep neighborhoods clean and livable: it protects our environment by reducing the amount of leaves and debris that wash down storm drains into our lakes and waterways. When plant material goes down a storm drain, it flows directly into our lakes and river where it decomposes and encourages the growth of harmful aquatic plants and algae. 

Streets must be clear of cars to ensure streets can be swept well. Residents must comply with posted parking signs or their cars may be ticketed and towed. The City makes it easy for residents learn when their street is scheduled for sweeping. Among the tools the City employs:


Last updated Aug 19, 2013