Four more work groups will begin using new performance evaluation process this fall

Following the successful launch of a new performance management process in seven City offices, four more work groups will soon begin using the new process. This fall, the Convention Center, Finance/Property Services, Information Technology and Public Works Administration and Management will begin using PerformMinneapolis, the City’s three-step cycle of planning, monitoring and recognizing employee performance.

The new process, which debuted last spring, was first implemented in Human Resources, Public Works Transportation Planning and Engineering Division, 311, Civil Rights, City Clerk and City Council offices. By 2014, PerformMinneapolis will be implemented in all City departments.

How PerformMinneapolis works

Goal setting:  Using the business plan as a guide, the process begins when an employee and supervisor meet to plan and set expectations for the coming year.

Performance monitoring: Then, over the course of the year, the PerformMinneapolis process encourages both the supervisor and employee to track progress toward achieving goals and applying these six performance factors: 

  1. Customer focus
  2. Functional/technical skills
  3. Quality of work output
  4. Productive work habits
  5. Peer relationships
  6. Self-knowledge

Review/recognition: Finally, the year’s accomplishments are documented and recognized in a performance appraisal. 

What PerformMinneapolis seeks to do

The approach is designed to help employees succeed by:

What’s next

To learn when your department/work group will begin using the new process, check the tentative department roll-out schedule.

Last updated Apr 16, 2014