Make sure Medica gives you credit for completing the Health Rewards Program

If you completed Medica’s My Health Rewards program, congratulations! You not only made an investment in your health, you also qualified for the preferred rate for next year’s health insurance premium, and that will mean significant savings* in 2013.

To avoid any surprises during open enrollment, you may wish to verify that Medica lists your status as a “completer.”

To verify your My Health Rewards program status, you can:

Look at the letter Medica mailed to you. In July, Medica sent letters to all City employee members. If you received a letter congratulating you on your completion, you know you’re in their system.

If, on the other hand, you received a letter stating that you still had an element of the program to complete, you should now do one of two things:

* As much as $360 for single coverage or as much as $1,200 for family coverage for 2013 health insurance premiums

There’s still time to finish the My Health Rewards program!

If you haven’t yet finished Medica’s My Health Rewards program, you still have time to complete the personal health profile and eight health topics and goals by the Aug. 31 deadline.

To finish the program, log onto If you need log-in instructions or more information, visit the Benefits website  


Published Aug 29, 2012