Mayor’s proposed budget includes changes to Regulatory Services Department

Mayor Rybak’s proposed 2013 City budget includes a number of reforms within City departments, including a significant change to the Department of Regulatory Services. In the coming months, the City Council will hold hearings on the proposed budget before taking a final vote in December.

If approved as proposed, Regulatory Services would be reorganized by moving business and development review functions to the Community Planning and Economic Development Department. Environmental Services would move to the Department of Health and Family Support, and Regulatory Services’ remaining functions would be concentrated in a new Department of Inspections.

With the departure of Regulatory Services Director Greg Stubbs, the Mayor has designated Jay Stroebel as interim director of Regulatory Services. Stroebel has most recently been Deputy City Coordinator, and prior to that, he served as Director of Results Management in the City Coordinator’s Office.

To plan for the proposed changes to Regulatory Services, City Coordinator Paul Aasen will lead a Transition Committee that also includes Council Vice President Robert Lilligren and Council Members Lisa Goodman and Elizabeth Glidden. This process, which is now under way, will include seeking feedback from the community and from Regulatory Services staff.


Published Aug 29, 2012