City adopts plan to improve bike parking for employees

Recognizing that bicycling improves health and decreases traffic congestion, fuel consumption and air pollution, the City is taking additional steps to improve bike parking options for City employees who commute by bicycle. The effort is aimed at better serving employees who bike to work as well as ensuring that the City of Minneapolis serves as a model for other employers.

At its Aug. 17 meeting, the City Council approved a recommendation giving the Property Services Division responsibility for installing and maintaining bicycle storage systems at City buildings as well as developing policies that could result in greater availability of secure, weather-protected bicycle storage at some City worksites. That action means that the City can begin implementing the long-term bike parking guidelines for City worksites that were recommended by the Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Although most City buildings have bike parking, most of it is short-term parking such as outdoor bike racks that are also used by building visitors. Until now, the City hasn’t had defined guidelines for bicycle storage at City worksites, especially long-term storage. Thanks to the recent Council action, City staff will follow a more focused approach to long-term bike parking which will help employees who commute to work by bicycle and need to store their bikes for longer periods of time than building visitors.

In 2012, the City’s bicycle master plan implementation actions included painting green lanes to increase bike lane visibility and installing bike posts and storage racks for visitors to City buildings. In the coming year, efforts will focus on improving the facilities for the employees themselves. City facility improvements will depend on building structure and location as well as capital budget and grant fund availability.



Published Aug 29, 2012