Downtown 100 to be honored by international organization

The International Downtown Association has notified City leaders that they have selected the Minneapolis Downtown 100 for the association’s merit award. 

The award will be presented at the International Downtown Association’s (IDA) annual conference Sept. 22 in Minneapolis. In addition to the award, a description of the Downtown 100 program will be posted on the IDA Website as a best practice program. The International Downtown Association is a champion for vital and livable urban center.

Launched in 2010, Minneapolis’ Downtown 100 initiative is a partnership among local government, business, non-profits and the community that focuses on the city's most frequent 100 offenders. The partners work to address the most chronic livability, property, and drug crime offenders in the Downtown area through prosecution, probation, social services and housing. In addition to arresting and prosecuting offenders, the Downtown 100 partners work to intervene with housing, drug treatment and mental health evaluations to address the root causes of their criminal behavior. The program’s goal is to both reduce crime in the short term and develop solutions for maintaining law-abiding conduct in the long run.

The Downtown 100 initiative is funded in part by the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID), and coordinates the work of the Minneapolis Police Department, Minneapolis City Attorney’s office, DID SafeZone, Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, St. Stephen’s Human Services, Hennepin County Community Corrections, The Salvation Army, 1st Precinct neighborhood associations, and other community and business stakeholders.

Some of the City of Minneapolis employees who play a role in the success of the Downtown 100 are:  Prosecutor Nnamdi Okoronkwo, 1st Precinct Attorney Ray Cantu, City Criminal Attorney Chris Dixon, Paralegals Stephanie Lee and Lisa Johnson, District Commander Kris Arneson and 1st Precinct Inspector Eddie Frizell.


Published Aug 29, 2012