Wireless access now available at City Hall and Flour Exchange

With cabling complete, employees and visitors now have wireless access in nearly all areas of City Hall and the Flour Exchange building. (A few City Hall offices on the ground floor along Third Avenue are experiencing some connection issues, but these are expected to be resolved shortly.)

Thanks to the completion of this project, folks with a laptop, iPad, smartphone or tablet can now connect via the new wireless network whenever they’re attending a meeting or visiting another office.

Once logged in, employees using City-owned laptops won’t have to take special steps for wireless access. Folks accessing Wi-Fi from a City-issued laptop will connect to the wireless network on CoMnet. People accessing Wi-Fi from their personally-owned laptop or mobile device can connect to the wireless network on CoMnet_guest.

To make the log-in process easy, the folks in the Information Technology Department have updated their Website to show step-by-step instructions for accessing Wi-Fi.


Published Jul 31, 2012