Report examines potential impact of voter identification proposal

This year, as part of the November general election, Minnesota voters will be asked whether to amend the State’s constitution to implement new regulations affecting voting rights. The proposed changes include a mandate to require individuals to provide evidence of personal identity as a precondition to voting. Other proposed changes would impact in-person and absentee voting, including Same Day Registration and vouching, and the introduction of provisional balloting.

The City Clerk’s office prepared a report on the possible effects the proposed amendment could have on voters, election administrators and City government. The report was presented to the City Council on July 19. To see the report and other supporting information, go to  and click on the July 19 Elections Committee link.

The report does not offer an opinion on whether the proposed amendment is beneficial or not, because this is seen as a matter for voters to decide. Instead, the report provides an analysis of some of the amendment’s potential impacts to help voters put the issue into context and see how the changes could impact voters and their confidence in the electoral processes, both today and in future years.


Published Jul 31, 2012