Time is running out to save money on your 2013 health insurance premium

The deadline to complete Medica’s My Health Rewards program is fast approaching. Employees who don’t complete the 2012 program by Aug. 31 will pay up to $360 more for single coverage or up to $1,200 more for family coverage than the folks who finish the program. Failing to complete the health assessment and health topics also means a missed opportunity to earn $60 in gift cards.

Even if you completed the program last year, you must do it again to earn the 2013 preferred premium.

To qualify for the lower premium in 2013 and earn gift cards, you must:

  1. Complete the Personal Health Profile (health assessment).
  2. Complete eight health topics and set eight personal goals.  
  3. Complete two phone calls with a health coach if you are invited by Medica to participate in health coaching.

How to access the My Health Rewards program

Sign onto www.mymedica.com and click on the Health and Wellness tab. The Benefits website has instructions for logging on. If this is the first time you’re signing in this year, be sure to have your Medica ID card on hand in case you need to register. Once you’ve registered, simply follow the prompts to complete your health profile. Once you’ve finished your health profile, you can work on the health topics and goals.

About the My Health Rewards Program

The My Health Rewards by MedicaSM  is a health and wellness program aimed at helping Medica members better understand their health risks and strengths. The program has three elements.

  1. Personal health profile: The health assessment is the first step in the program. Your answers to the basic health questions are used to generate your personal health report. Completing the 10 minute assessment, will earn you a $20 gift card.
  2. Health topics: The next step in the program is completing eight topics and setting eight personal goals related to those topics. You are not required to complete your goals — just set them. When you have completed eight topics and set eight goals, you will earn a $40 gift card.
  3. Health coaching: This segment of the program is only required for people who are invited by Medica to participate. Individuals who are invited to health coaching must complete two phone calls with a health coach to qualify for the lower premium. Folks who finish the health coaching program will earn a $75 gift card once they have completed the entire program. Completing the health coaching program requires more than two phone conversations and typically takes four to six months.


Published Jul 31, 2012