Meet City Bikers

Lynn Schwartz - Communications


How often do you bike?

Between one and three times a week in the spring, summer and fall.

What sort of trips do you make on your bike?

I bike from my home in St. Louis Park to City Hall, via the Cedar Lake Trail (about a 5 ½ mile one way trip). I sometimes also ride on the Cedar Lake Trail (westbound instead of eastbound) on the weekends or for short errands. 

Why do you choose to bike?

I started bicycling to work because it was an easy way to build exercise into my day. Whether traveling by bus or by bike, the commute time is about the same. Bicycling to work is far more fun than going to the gym, and I get a better workout because you can’t just turn off the exercise machine and stop. You have to keep going to get home! Although I started bicycling to work to add more activity to my day, I keep biking because it’s fun and relaxing. My bike ride takes me past Cedar Lake, through meadows with a view of the skyline, and alongside the Twins Ballpark.

What advice do you have for fellow employees who might want to try?

Don’t consider bike commuting something only for the young and super fit. I’m proof you can be a grandmother and still bike! Don’t consider bike commuting an “all or nothing” proposition. You don’t have to bike every day. You don’t even have to bike round-trip — you can always put your bike on the bus in the morning and only bike home. Don’t be intimidated by Downtown traffic — try the bike lanes, find a less-busy street or walk your bike on the sidewalk. I advise getting a bike basket or pannier so you don’t have to bike with a backpack.

Do you have a particular story that is a shining example of why you choose to bike?

There’s no single story. Biking to work energizes you in the morning, helps you decompress at the end of the day, eases your aches and pains, allows you enjoy the changing seasons and lets you feel like a kid again.

Published Jul 16, 2012