Meet City Bikers

Brendon Slotterback – Sustainability 

How often do you bike?

Two to three times per week, depending on the weather

What sort of trips do you make on your bike?

I bike to work, my daughter’s preschool, the farmer’s market and any other place I can.

Why do you choose to bike?

We recently sold our second car and are saving a lot of money on car insurance, car payments and gas. Riding to work also gives me more energy and, most of the time, it’s just plain fun.

What advice do you have for fellow employees who might want to try?

Just start on one day a week or less when the weather is nice. Don’t go too fast and just enjoy yourself. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself wanting to ride more.

Do you have a particular story that is a shining example of why you choose to bike?

I’ve been told that having a beer with dinner is too many extra calories. On the days I bike to work, I don’t worry about it!

Published Jul 12, 2012