Departments pilot a new approach to the performance management process

The City has embarked on an aggressive plan to refocus performance management efforts throughout the organization. The new process, called PerformMinneapolis, is based on input from numerous employee focus groups and extensive research. 

Employees in Human Resources and the Public Works’ Transportation Planning and Engineering Division are currently piloting PerformMinneapolis. In the upcoming months, 311, Civil Rights, the City Clerk’s and City Council offices as well as one or two additional divisions in Public Works will launch PerformMinneapolis.  By 2015, this approach to performance management will be implemented in all City departments.

The new process offers a more comprehensive approach to performance management that: 

  1. Helps employees connect their individual work with City goals.
  2. Focuses on improvement.
  3. Encourages employee development and growth.
  4. Focuses on achieving results.
  5. Offers a fair process that assigns a clear, understandable rating system that can be consistently applied.

PerformMinneapolis is the City’s fresh approach to performance management that involves a three-step cycle of planning, monitoring and recognition. Using the business plan as a guide, the process begins when an employee and supervisor meet to plan and set expectations for the coming year. The process encourages both the supervisor and employee to monitor performance during the year. Finally, the year’s accomplishments are documented and recognized in a performance appraisal. 

The new performance management approach aims to:

Members of the Steering Committee that helped develop the new process include: Tim Giles, Steve Kotke, Gretchen Musicant, Velma Korbel, Kevin Carpenter and Jeff Johnson.

Published Jun 6, 2012