Donors sought for June 25 City Hall blood drive

The Memorial Blood Center bloodmobile will be at City Hall Monday, June 25 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

If you’d like to join your coworkers and donate blood, you can schedule a time slot by going to (enter sponsor code 0960) or contacting Blair Selk at (651) 332-7171 or You can also walk up to the table in the City Hall Rotunda to volunteer. All blood types are needed; however, there is a special need for type O blood.

Most people who are in good health and weigh at least 110 pounds may donate blood. Be sure to eat before donating and bring an ID card. Anyone who donates should not have any cold or flu symptoms for three days prior to the blood drive.

Typically, the entire process — from the time you sign in until the time you leave — takes about an hour. When you arrive, a staff member will determine your eligibility to donate blood. That involves asking you a few basic health questions (including the names of medications you are taking), taking your pulse and checking your blood pressure, temperature and red cell level.

Collecting a unit of blood takes about 10 minutes. You may feel a small pinch when the needle is inserted, but most donors say they don’t feel any pain for the remainder of the donation. Once about a pint of blood has been collected, additional small tubes of blood will be collected for laboratory tests. All blood collection equipment is sterile and used only once. After your donation, you will be given some refreshments to help replenish your fluids. Then you’re ready to resume your normal daily activities.

Blood donated here in Minneapolis is provided to area hospitals. The last City Hall blood drive, which was held April 16, netted 35 units of blood. Because blood can be broken down into three components — plasma, platelets and red blood cells — those 36 units could help as many as 108 people.



Published Jun 6, 2012