Time is running out for farm share purchase

With spring planting well underway, time is running out on the opportunity to buy 20 weeks of organic vegetables and fruits grown at Featherstone Farm. Employees who purchase a share can enjoy the convenience of having freshly picked vegetables and fruits delivered to the Public Service Center each Tuesday from June through October.

A number of City employees split a subscription and divide the box contents. Boxes always contain a mix of crops that change as the season progresses. Examples of produce that subscribers receive over the course of the growing season include:  salad greens, herbs, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, potatoes, strawberries, onions, watermelons, edemame, chard, etc.

The service is part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offered by Featherstone Farm in southern Minnesota. Community Supported Agriculture farms allow individuals to buy a share of a farm’s crop before it’s planted. In exchange for an advance subscription payment, the farm delivers a box of freshly picked produce to a pre-determined spot throughout the growing season for members to pick up.

CSA subscription options

Grande boxes (recommended for four people)
The cost for the 20 week season is $635, which averages out to $31.75 a week. If this large box is divided between two households, the seasonal cost is $317.50 per household, which averages out to $15.87 a week.

Chica boxes (recommended for two people)
The cost for the 20 week season is $490, which averages out to $24.50 a week. If this box is divided between two small households, the seasonal cost is $245, which averages out to $12.25 a week. (Note:  Some of the box contents — salad greens or carrots, for example — are easy to divide among two households. However, there are not always two of each item, so people who share a box must be willing to cut some items — melons, for example — in half or trade one product for another item.)

Delivery dates & locations

Featherstone Farm will deliver boxes to the Public Service Center, 250 South 4th St., each Tuesday from June 5 through Oct. 23. (Note: There will be one off week — July 24 — when no deliveries will be made.)  

If the Public Service Center location is not convenient, there are other delivery sites throughout the metro area to choose from. Visit Featherstone’s website for details.

How to enroll

For more information or to sign up, visit http://featherstonefarm.com or contact Katie Sherman at (507) 459-5209 or core@featherstonefarm.com.

Published Apr 12, 2012