Daily computer log-in process to change slightly

If you use a City computer, you know the drill: After turning on your computer, you enter the “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” command, type in your user name and password, and then answer “yes” to question about the City’s electronic communications policy.

Beginning on Thursday evening, April 12, this process will change slightly.

After you’ve turned on your computer, a new screen message about the City’s electronic communications policy will appear. The message states that by continuing with the log-in process you are agreeing to abide by the City’s communications policy. There’s no need to respond to the statement; instead, you simply press “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” and continue with the log-in process.

Because following the City’s e-communications policy is required, the Information Technology Department decided to simplify the daily log-in process by omitting the “yes” or “no” response requirement. (A computer user who answered “no” to the question found that that the computer immediately shut down.)

Another effort to simplify computer usage processes is planned for later this spring when IT will change how often you have to change your network password and extend the timeframe from 45 to 60 days. Watch future issues of this newsletter and CityTalk for details.

Here’s how the new log-in page regarding the e-communications policy will look:


Here’s how the old log-in page regarding the e-communications policy looked:


Published Apr 12, 2012