Weight Watchers at Work welcomes new participants

The latest session of Weight Watchers at Work began Feb. 7. The program will continue as long as enrollment continues to attract a minimum of 20 registrants and meetings are well attended.

Enrollment is always open and employees can enroll and begin attending at any time. Interested employees simply purchase a monthly pass. The $39.95 monthly fee includes the supportive weekly meetings and e-tools to support weight loss and healthy eating goals. 

The City’s Weight Watchers meetings are held each Tuesday from 12 to 12:30 p.m. in Room 14, Public Service Center, 250 South Fourth Street. (Confidential weigh-ins that help participants track their progress begin at 11:30 a.m.) Meetings feature a discussion on a weight loss topic and distribution of materials to take home. Discussion topics include: curbing stress eating, making healthy food choices, eating out, getting active, etc.

If your weight loss has been recommended by your physician, a form is available that can be completed and submitted with a receipt in order to use your flexible spending dollars or HRA/VEBA for reimbursement of the cost.

Here’s how to enroll:

  1. Go to: https://wellness.weightwatchers.com
  2. Enter the company ID:  42663
  3. Enter the company password:  WW42663
  4. Register and personalize your account (you will be asked to create a username and password – keep it for your records)
  5. Complete your company information:  City of Minneapolis, 250 South Fourth Street, Room 14, Minneapolis, MN  55415
  6. Click “yes” to indicate you are interested in a meeting
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the small box and then clicking “next”
  8. If your “At Work” meeting does not yet have the required 20 Monthly Pass purchases to start a meeting when you are enrolling, the next screen will show locations and times for local meetings.  Click on “buy monthly pass” button at the top right hand corner of any of the local meetings that appear.  Now you will see a screen to complete your Monthly Pass purchase associated with the City of Minneapolis.  You may use a credit card, debit card, or, PayPal.
  9. Complete your Monthly Pass purchase by following the screen prompts.
  10. When you are finished, print off your temporary pass to confirm your purchase. (Permanent passes will be mailed to your home address.)

If you have additional questions, please contact Sue Dufloth at susan.dufloth@minneapolismn.gov or Amy Friedman at Amy.Friedman@minneapolismn.gov.

Published Feb 29, 2012