Earn up to $135 in gift cards in 2012 while qualifying for lower insurance premiums in 2013 

February is a great time to begin participating in Medica’s My Health Rewards program. If you do, you’ll earn gift cards you can use this year while also qualifying for a lower health insurance premium rate in 2013.

In order to qualify for a lower health insurance premium next year, you must:

After completing your confidential health assessment, you’ll receive a personal health profile and suggestions for improving your health and wellbeing. You will also earn a $20 gift card.

How to begin

The first step is completing your personal health profile. To do this, go to www.mymedica.com, sign in and click on the Health and Wellness tab. Be sure to have your Medica ID card on hand because you may need to register if you have not signed in before OR if your group number changed. (Your number will have changed if you switched networks during open enrollment or you completed the health assessment last year.)

Once you have completed your personal health profile, you can begin reading the health topics.

Gift card earning opportunities

My Health Rewards participants earn gift cards after completing each segment of the program. Once you have completed a segment, you have the opportunity to choose from nearly 300 merchants in Medica’s gift card redemption center.

Health action segments and their gift card rewards are:

Lower health insurance premiums

The 2013 health insurance premium charged to employees will be lower for those employees who complete all requirements of the My Health Rewards program by Aug. 31, 2012. The savings on next year’s annual premium will be up to:

To earn the lower premium, the employee who is the policy holder must:

  1. Complete the personal health profile.
  2. Read eight health topics and set eight goals related to those topics.
  3. Complete two phone calls with a health coach. (This applies only to people who are contacted to participate in health coaching.)

Earning the lower insurance premium in dependent on the employee who is the policy holder completing the steps listed above. Dependents who are age 18 or older can participate in the program to earn gift cards; however, their participation will not impact next year’s insurance premium amount.

For more information about this wellness program, visit http://www.minneapolismn.gov/hr/health/benefits_myhealthmanager.


Published Feb 15, 2012