Departments begin planning how to respond to employee survey concerns

Now that the results of the 2011 Employee Survey have been shared with employees, City leaders and staff are taking a hard look at the concerns raised in the survey and beginning to plan how to address the most pressing issues raised by the survey.

In the past few weeks, meetings have been held to brief department heads, Human Resources generalists and members of the Survey Response and Action Team on the survey’s findings. On Feb. 9, the results were presented to the Board of Business Agents to ensure union leaders were informed of the survey findings. Human Resources is now working with the City Clerk’s office to schedule a City Council study session so Council members can be apprised of the survey results.

In January members of the response team received training on how to cull the most pertinent results from their departmental survey. Response team members are now or soon will be:

Response team members have been advised to select the two or three most pressing challenges that they have the ability to impact. In other words, issues that the workgroup has the time, expertise, funds and power to bring about meaningful change.

As departments address their specific needs, a citywide response team will look at the top issues that impact all City departments and develop a plan to address one or more of these issues.

The survey results — citywide and for individual departments — can be viewed on http://citytalk/hr/engage/survey/WCMS1P-022914. If you have specific questions about your department’s results, contact your department’s Survey Champion.

Last autumn, 66 percent of the City’s workforce completed the survey which asked for employees’ opinions on leadership, communications, ethics, customer service, service quality, involvement and engagement.


Published Feb 15, 2012