Second job allowed if the job complies with City policy

Are you thinking about taking a second job? If so, there are City policies you should be aware of before accepting outside employment or entering into a contract for payment for services.

City officials and employees are allowed to hold second jobs as long as the outside employment or contract does not:

Before accepting a second job or entering into a contract to provide a service, employees must notify their department head using the form found on CityTalk’s forms webpage. (Once you are on this page, click on “O” and print the pdf document entitled “Outside Employment.”)

Because it is not always easy to determine if a job or contract presents a conflict of interest or runs afoul of City policy, please contact Susan Trammell, the City’s Ethics Officer, at (612) 673-3230 or if you have any questions.

If you already hold outside employment and did not fill out the Outside Employment Declaration form, you should fill that form out as soon as possible. Once your department head signs the form, make a copy for your records. 

Some departments put expiration dates on the Outside Employment Declaration form. All employees with outside employment should check their records to ensure that their form is still current. If your form has expired, you should fill out a new form.

Published Feb 15, 2012