Show your 2012 Medica ID card to health club to continue receiving dues credit

Are you expecting dues credit against the cost of your health club membership? You may not get your credit if you haven't yet shown your 2012 Medica ID card to your club representative.

Folks who completed Medica's wellness program in 2011 or switched medical plan networks during open enrollment now have a different group/policy number than they had last year. Because health clubs use information from your Medica ID card to report the number of your health club visits to Medica, an out-of-date ID number means you may not receive your $20 health club dues credit. If your group/policy number has changed, be sure to show your new Medica ID card at the gym to ensure you continue receiving your dues credit.

Medica, the City's health insurance provider, offers a credit against monthly health club dues as an extra incentive to encourage its members to work out regularly. Whenever participants visit their fitness center eight times within a month, they receive an automatic credit on their account (maximum of one $20 credit per month per health club membership).

Some of the health clubs that participate in Medica's Fit Choices health club reimbursement program include:

If you are thinking about joining a fitness center, you can take advantage of this incentive program by presenting your Medica ID card when you join a participating fitness center. For more information about Fit Choices, see the Health Club Reimbursement Program or the Fit Choices by Medica's website.

Published Feb 15, 2012