New documents can help you direct visitors to Downtown offices

To make it easier for meeting attendees, job applicants and customers to easily find the City’s Downtown offices, new pdf’s have been posted on the City’s internal and external websites. You can direct visitors to the website or print copies to enclose with meeting agendas, job interview invitations or other event notices. 

The Downtown Offices guide shows a detailed map of the area around City Hall, the City of Lakes building, the Public Service Center and the Haaf Ramp. In addition to the map, the guide provides driving directions as well as information for folks commuting to our offices via public transit or bicycle. The accompanying Walking from the Haaf Ramp pdf has photos of each of these City buildings along with walking directions from the Haaf Ramp.

The CPED Offices pdf provides the same type of information for folks planning to visit the Crown Roller building.

You can find these guides on:

These guides were produced by the Communications Department.

Published Feb 15, 2012