Campaign season is upon us –
Don’t forget rules governing political activities

Next week’s precinct caucuses are just another indication that the political process for the 2012 election is underway. If you’re thinking about getting involved in a political campaign or just want to share your political views, don’t forget that there are policies that restrict political activities in the workplace and the use of City resources such as computers, telephones, e-mail accounts, etc.

City of Minneapolis employees may work on political campaigns as long as they follow state and federal laws and City policies that govern political activity. These include:

·         Employees may not engage in political activity during work hours.

·         Employees may not use City phones, computers, vehicles, e-mail accounts or other City-owned equipment for political purposes. (Please note: This includes using City e-mail addresses or City computers to send e-mails or Tweets, create blogs, or post Facebook comments.) The restrictions on personal use of City electronics is spelled out at

·         Political activities cannot interfere with job duties.

If you have any questions about political activity, as it relates to City employment, you may contact Caroline Bachun, Assistant City Attorney, at (612) 673-2754 or


Published Feb 1, 2012