Employee survey results show strengths and opportunities for continued improvement

The results of the 2011 Employee Survey have been compiled and the results show both strengths and challenges. Survey respondents had positive views about workplace cooperation, employee benefits and relationships with supervisors.

On the other hand, the survey showed that a large percentage of the workforce is very concerned about their future with the City. In addition, responding employees feel they are listened to, but don’t always feel encouraged to participate in decisions that affect their work. Employees also continue to have significant concerns about having enough people to get the work done.

One of the most noteworthy findings is that employees who saw action taken on issues identified from the 2009 survey reported significantly higher levels of engagement.

Here is a sampling of the Citywide survey findings.

Employee involvement

Supervisors and performance feedback

Pay and benefits


Work support and work environment

City overall and communications

With the struggling economy, budget reductions, higher unemployment and ongoing budget challenges being faced at the state and federal levels, some of the concerns expressed by employees were expected.

A record 2,560 employees or 66 percent of the City workforce completed the survey which was conducted in late October and early November. The response rate exceeded the rates for 2009 (61 percent) and 2006 (63 percent).  Survey questions sought employee opinions on topics such as leadership, communications, ethics, customer service, service quality, involvement and engagement.

Department heads and City leaders heard a summary of the survey’s major findings Jan. 18, and will soon begin formulating a citywide action plan to address the most pressing needs identified by the survey.

Throughout 2012, the cross-departmental Survey Response and Action Team comprised of representatives from every department will also be meeting to track progress on implementing action plans at the department level and sharing strategies and successes. 

The survey results — citywide and for individual departments — can be viewed on http://citytalk/hr/engage/survey/WCMS1P-022914. If you have specific questions about your department’s results, contact your department’s Survey Champion.


Published Feb 1, 2012