Internet Explorer version 8 installation planned

Internet Explorer – version 8 will be installed on most City computers Thursday evening, Jan. 5. The upgrade from version 7 to version 8 is needed because more and more internet sites require version 8 to run properly. In addition, the newer version provides the City network with more up-to-date computer security.

To ensure your computer is ready for use on Friday morning, be sure to leave your desktop computer on overnight. Log off your desktop before 9 p.m., but leave the power on. If you have a laptop, be sure to physically connect it to the City’s network or connect it to the network via VPN. During the installation, you will not be able to access to the Internet. (The installation takes up to one hour; installation via VPN will take slightly longer.) 

If your computer is not left on overnight, the new version will install the first time your power up your computer after Jan. 5. The installation will delay your access to your computer for up to one hour; then, an automatic reboot will occur.

If you leave your computer powered up on Thursday evening, no action will be needed on Friday morning and your computer will be fully accessible on Friday morning. (After the installation is complete, your computer screen will not appear any different when you’re accessing an Internet site.)

If you encounter computer problems, call the BIS Service Desk at 1-800-262-3112.


Published Jan 4, 2012