Check your Medica ID card when it arrives

Next week, your new Medica ID card will be mailed to your home. When you receive the card, be sure to check it to verify that the correct type of coverage (single or family) and network are listed on the card.  

When you visit your doctor’s office or pharmacy for the first time in 2012, be sure to show your new Medica ID card. If you do not present your new ID card when you first visit these offices in 2012, you will not receive the appropriate coverage. 

If you participate in the FitChoices health club reimbursement program, you should also show your new Medica ID card when you first visit your health club in 2012.

Flex account debit cards replenished on Jan. 13

The full amount of your annual 2012 health care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) will be added to your MasterCard Benefits debit card on Jan. 13, 2012. You may use your flexible spending account dollars prior to that date; however, you must submit your reimbursement claim via mail, email or fax.

Debit cards expire three years after their issue date. If you participated in the health care FSA in 2011, check the “Valid Thru” date on your MasterCard Benefits Card. If the date is later than 01/12, your debit card will be replenished with your new 2012 health care spending account election. 

If the Valid Thru date is 1/12 or if you did not participate in the health care FSA, you will receive a debit card in mid-January.

If you lost or threw away your 2011 debit card, call OptumHealth Financial Services at 866-204-8154 and request a new debit card.

Verifying your open enrollment selection

If you want to verify your open enrollment selection, go to, enter your User ID and Password, click on Employee Self Service, and then click on Benefits Summary (in the Benefits section in the upper right-hand corner). Enter “1/1/2012” in the date field at the top of the screen and click on the Go button.

You can also check your pay stubs in January to verify your 2012 enrollment. The Jan. 13 pay stub will show your flexible spending account deductions. The Jan. 27 pay stub will also show your deductions and City contributions for medical, dental, life insurance and HRA/VEBA. If the deductions are not there or are incorrect, contact Patty Benkusky at 612-673-3348 or      

Dec. 21, 2011

Published Dec 21, 2011