Minneapolis Convention Center domes shine on the city skyline

The Minneapolis Convention Center debuted a new color-changing lighting system on its four domes, adding a major new nighttime presence to the city skyline. The center’s four domes are prominent on the southern gateway to downtown Minneapolis, rising 90 feet in the air, each with a diameter of 210 feet.

The new exterior lighting system features 40 fixtures per dome, plus lights mounted on each dome’s spire, for a total of approximately 175 color-changing lights that can be programmed to correspond with events at the convention center, holidays or other days of recognition. Because the LED lights are energy efficient, the center expects to see a 50 percent reduction in the cost of electricity to light the domes.

The new lighting system will shine alongside another key feature of the convention center roof: the second largest solar electricity array in the Upper Midwest. The 2,600 panel installation began service in 2010 and provides about 5 percent of the facility’s power.

Published Dec 21, 2016