Deadlines approaching — apply for openings on Minneapolis boards and commissions

Deadlines approach for a number of open board and commission positions that the City Council and mayor will appoint this fall. Board and commission members in the City of Minneapolis provide valuable insights, help shape key policy decisions and provide community-based input into administration of services. The City is seeking applicants with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to strengthen the work of the City.

Applications will be reviewed beginning Oct. 21 unless otherwise marked. The positions are open until filled. There are 151 open positions on 17 City boards and commissions:

·         Advisory Committee on Aging.

·         Advisory Committee on People With Disabilities.

·         Arts Commission.

·         Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee.

·         Charter Commission – the application review process is underway.

·         Commission on Civil Rights – the application review process will begin Oct. 14.

·         Community Environmental Advisory Commission.

·         Heritage Preservation Commission – the application review process began Sept. 30, but people can still apply.

·         Planning Commission.

·         Police Conduct Review Panel – the application review process began Oct. 10, but people can still apply.

·         Police Oversight Commission – the application review process began Oct. 10, but people can still apply.

·         Public Health Advisory Committee.

·         Public Housing Authority.

·         Telecommunications Network.

·         Workplace Advisory Committee – the application review process will begin Oct. 14.

·         Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee.

·         Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Visit the City’s website for a list of appointment opportunities, position descriptions and the applications.

New Workplace Advisory Committee

The City Council passed a resolution Aug. 19 establishing a new Workplace Advisory Committee charged with advising City policymakers on workplace-related issues.

The 16-member committee will include a cross-section of business and worker stakeholders. It will advise City leaders on workplace initiatives, provide recommendations on community outreach, monitor implementation of workplace policies, and offer suggestions on ways to improve policies to better serve businesses and workers.

Boards, commissions and advisory committees

The City of Minneapolis has more than 50 volunteer-based boards, commissions and advisory committees that advise the City on issues and help with policy development and administration of services. Boards and commissions fall into a handful of categories: appeal boards, development boards, general advisory boards, and special service districts, which are defined areas within the city where special services are rendered.

Appointments to board and commissions are made twice a year — in the spring and fall.

This streamlined appointment process makes it easier for people to learn about volunteer opportunities, ensures a more open and understandable process for residents and staff, and increases the diversity of the applicant pool.

Published Oct 12, 2016