City awarded $5 million grant to promote resiliency in communities

The City of Minneapolis has received a five-year, $5 million federal grant to help promote resiliency and equity among communities that have faced trauma due to civil unrest connected to law enforcement issues.

Minneapolis was among eight cities in the country to receive the grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The City will be awarded $1 million annually for up to five years by demonstrating progress toward program goals.

The grant will be used to create a ReCAST (Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma) program in Minneapolis. The program will help build the capacity of community partners working with high risk families facing stress from traumatic events. It will also bolster the City’s efforts to train staff members who are the first point of contact for the community. It will also help coordinate and align the work of the City and community organizations.

The program will build on the City’s work as part of the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, an initiative of the U.S. Justice Department. The goal is to improve procedural justice, which is the way law enforcement interactions with the public shape perceptions of police, willingness to obey laws and crime rates. The other focus areas include reducing implicit bias — the automatic assumptions people make about groups of people — and reconciling with communities that have had historic tensions with law enforcement.

Published Sep 14, 2016