First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis getting restriped

The change will switch on-street parking and bike lanes

This week, crews will begin restriping First Avenue North in downtown Minneapolis. A recent evaluation of traffic volumes on the street indicated that an additional southbound travel lane is no longer required during the morning rush period. The restriping work will switch the bike lanes with the on-street parking area so drivers will park along the curb. There will no longer be an additional travel lane added during rush hour. 

Right now, bike lanes are next to the curb along First Avenue; on-street parking is offset from the curb to become an additional travel lane during rush hour. The change will switch the bike lane and the parking lane and allow one northbound and one southbound travel lane at all times.

During the change

On Tuesday, July 12, pavement markings on First Avenue will be removed from Washington Avenue to Eighth Street North. All street signs indicating the current lane layout will be taken down.

On Thursday, July 14, the street will be seal coated. Tar and rock chips will be spread on the roadway. Excess rock chips will be swept up over the weekend, and the street will be restriped Monday evening.

From the period between Tuesday, July 12 and Tuesday July 19, there will be no parking on this section of First Avenue. Metered spaces will remain hooded until Tuesday morning after the street is restriped. Overhead variable message signs will remind drivers that there will be no parking along First Avenue during that time.

This schedule is weather dependent and may be delayed to due to adverse conditions.

Published Jul 11, 2016