Minneapolis calls for action to protect bees, butterflies in National Pollinator Week June 20-26

During National Pollinator Week June 20-26, the City wants to urge all Minneapolis property owners, residents, businesses, institutions and neighborhoods to protect pollinators. That means avoiding pesticides that poison bees and butterflies, whether by applying pesticides or planting flowering plants that had been treated before purchase. It also means landscaping or gardening with the kinds of plants that nourish them.

Pollinator populations are in sharp decline because of an ongoing loss of habitat coupled with a simultaneous large-scale expansion of pesticide use by homeowners, landscapers, property managers and farmers.

Pollinators are a necessary component of a healthy ecosystem and food system, providing pollination of plants needed to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits. Local food production is needed to improve the health and food security of Minneapolis residents, and insect pollination is an essential component of local food production.

A 2015 City resolution commits the City to more pollinator-friendly practices and encourages property owners to do the same.

Find more information about protecting pollinators here: www.minneapolismn.gov/environment/bees.

Published Jun 20, 2016