Next phase of Nicollet Mall reconstruction begins

The reconstruction of Nicollet Mall has reached a new phase. Until now, work has consisted of crews repairing and upgrading underground utilities. With that work wrapping up, the actual reconstruction work of the mall can begin.

Block by block, construction will focus on removing and replacing the old roadway and sidewalk. By November, several blocks of Nicollet Mall will have been replaced. All 12 blocks of the mall are slated to be completed by fall of next year, opening it to pedestrians and buses.

Once the street and sidewalks are finished, crews will install features such as streetlights, trees, shrubs and other plants. Overall, the Nicollet Mall Project will add more trees and plants, pedestrian-friendly features like straightened walkways with sidewalk seating, and public art.

About the Nicollet Mall Project

Originally constructed in 1968, Nicollet Mall was created to strengthen the appeal both for retail and downtown investment. Today, downtown Minneapolis is home to more than 130,000 jobs, and Nicollet Mall has the densest concentration of jobs and market values in the state. This transit and pedestrian mall will be updated and re-envisioned to keep Minnesota attractive and vibrant in an increasingly competitive marketplace both nationally and globally. For more information on the project, visit

Published Jun 16, 2016