Parklets open for third summer in Minneapolis

Parklets use street spaces to expand the sidewalk area

To make it easier for people to stop, relax and enjoy Minneapolis, the City has installed five new parklets in different parts of the city.

The parklets are built in the street right next to the curb. In an area of about two parking spaces, the parklets have a deck, planters, chairs and tables for anyone to use. Parklets in the program are all in commercial corridors, and each one has a host business nearby that will maintain it on a day-to-day basis.

The locations of the five parklets are:

Parklets enhance neighborhoods and make them better places for residents and visitors to spend time. They also encourage walking and biking and help draw people to shops and restaurants in our communities. The five parklets in the program will be removed from the streets at the end of October.

The goal of the parklet program is to make the City more livable, walkable and beautiful through public and private partnerships. Three parklets in the program are City-owned and two parklets have been sponsored by local businesses and other groups. The City will begin accepting 2017 parklet season applications this fall.

People can visit all five locations and use #mplsparklets to share their Minneapolis parklet experience.

More information on parklets is available at

Published Jun 10, 2016