City passes landmark sick and safe time ordinance

First municipal policy in state to allow most workers in Minneapolis paid sick time

The City today approved a new ordinance that allows paid sick and safe time for most workers within the city limits. Phased enforcement begins July 1, 2017. Currently, four out of 10 Minneapolis workers lack access to paid sick time.

With some exceptions, the new ordinance governs employers with six or more employees and employees who work at least 80 hours a year in Minneapolis. Requirements include:

With this ordinance, the City takes a critical step in preserving and protecting safety, health and general welfare. The City Council found that paid leave is a key contributor to healthy individuals, families and communities, which are the foundation of well-functioning societies. Paid leave creates the opportunity for family members to both earn a living and to provide care for their loved ones.

Paid sick and safe time is intended to:

Last updated Jun 3, 2016