Mark your calendar to get rid of your household hazardous wastes at these summer events

You can drop off your household hazardous wastes for free at any of these Hennepin County events in Minneapolis from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday-Saturday.

·         June 2-4, City of Minneapolis Public Works garage, 3607 44th St. E.

·         July 7-9, Jenny Lind School, 5025 Bryant Ave. N.

·         Aug. 18-20, 340 27th Ave. NE

Accepted from households

• Automotive fluids (except oil) and lead-acid batteries

• Household, lawn and garden hazardous waste

• Aerosols

• Batteries – tape both terminals

• CFLs and other fluorescent lamps and HID lamps (limit 25)

• Drain, oven and other corrosive cleaners

• Gas cylinders – propane less than 40 lbs. Specialty gases (oxygen, helium, etc.) less than 59 lbs. will be evaluated on-site; some may not be accepted.

• Mercury thermostats

• Paint, stain, varnish, solvents (limit three 5-gallon pails); no limit on 1-gallon pails or smaller)

• Pesticides

• Pool chemicals


Not accepted

• Asbestos

• Business generated waste

• Construction debris

• Electronics*

• Explosives

• Garbage*

• Major appliances*

• Medicines

• Oil

• Oil filters

• Radioactive

• Recyclables – cardboard, glass, metal, paper, phone books, plastic, etc.*

• Sharps

• Tires

* These items are accepted curbside through the City of Minneapolis solid waste and recycling program.

For more information, visit or contact Hennepin County Environment and Energy at 612-348-3777 or

Published May 13, 2016