Help keep our natural waterways clean

With our lakes, creeks, waterfalls and the Mississippi River, we pride ourselves on Minneapolis’ natural waters.

A big part of protecting our waterways is right on our streets. Leaves, dirt, garbage and anything that gets left on the street can wash down storm drains and go untreated into our lakes and the river.

When it rains, stormwater carries grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, paint, gasoline, motor oil and animal waste directly into Minneapolis lakes, creeks and the Mississippi River.

·         Sign up for the Minneapolis Adopt a Drain program, and commit to clearing leaves and trash from it regularly.

·         Never put anything down a storm drain. It’s for rain and melting snow only.

·         Be a champion and spread the word with your neighbors.

Learn more or sign up by calling 311 or going to

Published Apr 8, 2016