Animal Care and Control ordinance updated


Today the City Council and mayor approved a new Animal Care and Control ordinance that sets clear requirements around the safety of animals, removes counterproductive regulations, and creates a permit for reptiles and amphibians. The ordinance also:

·         Clarifies definitions and requirements to make it easier for residents to comply.

·         Requires an owner to stay near enough to a tethered animal to protect the animal – or someone else from the animal – if needed.

·         Requires traps to be humane for nuisance animals such as raccoons and squirrels.

·         Makes it easier to own chickens by:

o   Removing the neighbor signature condition for owning six or fewer chickens, turkeys, ducks or pigeons.

o   Offering commercial licenses for up to 30 birds for egg sales.

o   Allowing composting of chicken manure.

The changes also provide expectations for care and management of animals that are housed at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control facility and in private shelters. It specifies that all animals must receive:

·         Veterinary care.

·         Preventative vaccinations.

·         Emergency medical care.

·         Pain management.

·         Sanitation and disease prevention protocols.

The ordinance clarifies the holding period for stray and surrendered animals, and it includes transparent processes in shelters for euthanasia and transfers to rescue partners.

The ordinance revisions reflect a combination of best practices and direct feedback from stakeholders.

The new ordinance is posted here.


Published Feb 12, 2016