Free trees for Minneapolis businesses

Minneapolis businesses that pay pollution control fees and have enough private space for planting may be eligible for free trees.

Healthy trees look beautiful in our neighborhoods, increase property values, help clean the air we breathe, save us money on our energy bills, keep the city cooler in the summer, provide homes for wildlife and help manage stormwater. By cleaning ozone and other pollution from the air, trees are connected to saving the lives of people with heart and lung disease.

Our urban forest has been hard hit with storms, pests and diseases. Because of the emerald ash borer pest alone we will likely lose nearly 200,000 ash trees in Minneapolis, so we need to plant as many new trees as we can. The best way to replant trees is on private land. That is why the City of Minneapolis is planting trees on commercial properties for free.

Qualifying businesses must maintain and water the tree.

Learn more about how Minneapolis businesses can get a free tree.

Published Jul 25, 2014