Minneapolis Animal Care & Control urges pet owners to take special precautions this July 4th

Fireworks and animals do not mix.

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control is asking pet owners to take special precautions this holiday week - and the weeks following - to prevent dogs and cats from escaping from home.

Many animals are incredibly excited during the Independence Day holiday festivities. People "oohhh" and "aawww" over the sight of beautiful firework displays but for animals, this is a frightening experience. Due to a dog's keen sense of hearing, fireworks sound much louder to them. Because of this, many dogs will run at the first fireworks bang. Dogs been known to dig under fences, tear through screen doors and windows, and chew their way out of crates when they are afraid.

Because so many animals are startled and frightened by exploding fireworks, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control impounds a great number of pets during the the first few weeks of July.

We recommend the following to keep your pets safe:

Published Jul 2, 2014